Tallon Submits Proposal for NHL Coach’s Challenge

Tallon Submits Proposal for NHL Coach’s Challenge

The NFL has it… and it seems to be working out okay. Under current NHL rules, however, a coach’s challenge for disputed calls is not allowed. Owners, players, coaches and fans each have their own argument for and against this practice.

Most recently, the need to have controversial plays reviewed by video became a talking point after Maple Leafs forward Colton Orr interfered with Panthers goalie Scott Clemmensen before scoring what turned out to be the game-winning goal in October of this year. Afterwards, the NHL admitted a penalty should have been called on the play and the goal should not have counted.

The replay debate heated up again after a few “head shots” were called by referees. These plays turned out to be shoulder shots upon further review.

So the question is… Should a coach have the right to dispute that sort of split-second call?

Remember that most goal-related plays are already reviewed by the War Room, so this seems especially geared towards penalties that would affect goals being scored.

The criteria for Tallon’s proposal for a coach’s challenge are as follows:

  • Applies only to goal-related plays
  • Challenge must be issued within prescribed time limit
  • Team must have timeout left to issue challenge
  • Unsuccessful challenge results in loss of timeout
  • Successful challenge results in no loss of timeout
  • One challenge per team per game

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