Combat One-Piece Sticks
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Hockey players are typically quite particular about their equipment. Watch a player at the hockey shop and he’ll grab a stick, bend it… tap it… inspect it. The perfect stick always makes itself known when he handles it for awhile. The perfect stick just feels right in his hands and flexes to the perfect arc.

So, we all know the Easton, Reebok, Bauer, CCM, Mission and Sherwood brands… but have you heard of Combat? Previously manufactured under the name Ballistik, Combat sticks may be new to many players. Most widely known for their exceptional baseball/softball bats and equipment, Combat has actually been developing their high quality stick technology for nearly 20 years!

So what makes Combat Hockey Sticks so special?
For starters, Combat sticks feature true one-piece construction and consistent wall thickness throughout. These features create better balance and a higher performing, more consistent stick. The shaft runs through the heel which keeps the shaft in contact with the ice and puck at all times.

Still not convinced (of course you are, but we’ll continue anyway)… Combat sticks are designed with SMARTFLEX technology which means that the shaft becomes progressively stiffer toward the blade to adds velocity to wrist shots and maintains stability for accurate slap shots and one-timers.

Get your Senior, Junior or Int Combat Stick at

Choose from 52 Caliber, 45 Caliber and 22 Caliber one-piece composite hockey sticks in any of Combat’s 7 versatile patterns. (These patterns are based on the most popular curves out there).



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