What is Sublimation?

So, you’re ready to order uniforms, but you’re not quite sure which type of customization you want? Between Sublimation, Tackle Twill, Heat Pressing, ScreenPrinting and Embroidery, it can get pretty confusing. In this next series, we will detail the differences between each type of customization to make your decision easier.

You may be asking… What exactly IS Sublimation? Sublimation is a traditional printing method in which a computer printer uses heat to transfer dye directly into the desired medium (jersey, shirt, hat…). Rather than weaving, embroidering or screen printing a design, sublimation applies the pigment directly into fabric in a vibrant and colorfast way.

The sublimation process begins by printing the design on paper using sublimation inks. The inks vaporize when they are heated and applied to the material. Sublimation is the easiest way to create a truly unique product by submitting your custom created label design. Most dye-sublimation printers use CMYO (cyan, magenta, yellow and overcoating) colors, which differs from the more recognized CMYK colors since the black dye is eliminated in favor of a clear overcoating. This overcoating protects the print from discoloration from UV light and the air, while also rendering the print water-resistant.

Advantages of Sublimation:
Sublimation is the easiest way to completely customize your uniforms or other garments and makes a lasting impression as the prints will not fade or chip off.

Sublimated patch


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