Easton Synergy EQ5 Ice Hockey Skates

Easton Synergy EQ5 Ice Hockey Skates

With unmatched comfort, optimum control and performance consistency, it’s no wonder that Zach Parise and Zdeno Chara have each worn the Easton Synergy EQ5!

Composite in all the right places, this hybrid skate combines the lightweight structure of Easton’s Stealth skate with a fully heat-moldable Fusion Foam in the boot quarter for an ideal custom fit. The Synergy EQ5’s composite frame is strategically placed to optimize response and long-term performance consistency, while maintaining a balance of structure and fit.

The Synergy EQ5 utilizes thermally activated anatomical ankle foams and a felt-based tongue to enhance the overall comfort of the skate and give players an optimal fit, while its texalium composite outsole, highlighted by Easton’s Dry Flow™, sets the standard for moisture management. The stiffness of the boot offers the proper level of protection needed to keep you performing at your best.

A strategically-placed framework of composite reinforcement optimizes response and long-term performance consistency

Lightweight, fully-moldable Fusion Foam quarters form to your foot for a customizable fit

This fit system for Synergy® skates encompasses the foot with thermally activated, anatomical ankle foams and an extremely comfortable felt-based tongue

This new lightweight, stiff design adds composite power and Easton’s Dry Flow™ sets the standard for improved moisture management

HFT: fully moldable Fusion Foam plus Tepex® composite responsiveness
Ideal Fit™ EPE foam heel lock ankle
Light, stiff texalium composite outsole with Dry Flow™
Pro-style black felt tongue with flexible lace-bite protection

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