Welcome STX to the Greatest Game in the World

Welcome STX to the Greatest Game in the World

Growing up my dad always taught me to use the right tool for the job. This is one truth that STX Hockey seems to understand from the get go, releasing two uniquely elite hockey sticks. The Surgeon and Stallion 500 sticks. While using the “wrong” stick may not have quite as devastating effects as say, using a screwdriver as a hammer, or using the wrong motor oil for your engine, the point I’m trying to make is that magic happens when you select the stick that complements YOUR specific style of play.
Although new to the sport of hockey, STX has been a long time, heavy hitter in lacrosse. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the reputation STX holds in the lacrosse world, just ask any lacrosse player. They’ll quickly tell you that, when it comes to Lacrosse, STX has “Sick dopeski sauce, Brah” or whatever lingo that scene is throwing around these days. Anyways, STX has already shown glimpses of excellence with their initial releases to ice hockey.
Both models are one-piece, spear constructions. While spear construction technologies are nothing new to the industry, they have proven to provide consistent flex, power, feel, and durability, while remaining relatively lightweight. STX focused greatly on feel and balance. Boasting the “Highest balance point in the market”, the sticks feel lighter than their listed weights would lead you to believe. Lastly, the grip on both models is tactile, yet nonabrasive, allowing your bottom hand to move freely while still providing excellent purchase on harder shots. Now, what separates these two distinct instruments…

STX Surgeon 500 Hockey Stick
The Surgeon was built to be “the precision instrument for the precision player’, and when in hand, the Surgeon 500 is just that. “Precision Flex” offers versatility when sniping, with dual kick-points designed for quick wristers, as well as one designated specifically for maximum loading. The Surgeon also features a slightly softer blade construction. Designed for feel and control first, the blade of the Surgeon 500 is going to be more forgiving when compared to its Stallion counterpart. Quick release, along with ultimate control and feel make the Surgeon 500 the perfect complement to those “Quick, little sh*ts” that tend to give defenseman, and goalies alike, so much trouble.

STX Stallion 500 Hockey Stick

As the name may implies, the Stallion is more of the work horse of the family. The “Power Flex” shot profile offers exactly that, POWER. A consistent flex profile allows you to fully maximize energy transfer to the puck. The Stallion is also paired with an extra stiff blade face that virtually eliminates blade distortion, equating to even more power transfer, and the more accurate shot. The Stallion shines when delivering blue line bombs, as well as snapshots from the circles, and is the kind of stick that when you push it to perform, it pushes back!
STX is planning on following up their initial stick launch with a full line of protective early next year, which I am super excited about! Hey STX, think low profile! If STX can produce a protective line that offers high mobility, lightweight, and comfort I can see them easily giving the big names in the industry a run for their money.
Let’s be honest, STX may have a long road ahead of them if they want to take over the hockey stick market. Is STX going to be the Coca-Cola of the stick market; I wouldn’t put money on it. Pepsi, probably not, but who doesn’t enjoy Snapple? I, for one, am excited to see a fresh face in the industry! It’s hard being the new guy, so help us welcome STX to the greatest sport in the world!


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