The Green Biscuit Review

The Green Biscuit Review

We’ve all tried the golf ball, the weighted ball, the puck with balls in it, the real puck on a shooting board and even shooting off that patch of ice in the driveway when it gets cold enough. The one thing I can honestly say about all of those attempts at recreating that on-ice feel, is that they all fell a bit short. At the end of the day, in my mind at least, your off-ice training puck has to look like a puck, and it sure as heck needs to feel like one too… Oh, and don’t forget, it has to act like one too. That last part can be a tall task for any training puck, c’mon, staying flat and gliding smooth on asphalt? Not a chance.

This will probably be the easiest blog I’ll ever write. The Green Biscuit Training Puck is hands down my favorite off-ice puck. My jaw dropped when I first saw it, and since then not only have I bought one or two–or three, but I’ve recommended them to everyone I know.

The Green Biscuit is simple, it’s two plastic disks connected by three bolts with tiny rubber spacers in between that work their magic when the puck is gliding across the driveway. The biscuit glides over asphalt and cement like a rubber puck on ice. It passes just like one too.


Stickhandling with the Green Biscuit


It’s pretty simple;. It just works!. I don’t ask anymore questions, I just make sure I can get it in the hands of as many people possible. Children just starting out, Squirts, Peewees, and even the beer league all-stars can all benefit from having one of these around.

Here’s where it gets a little tricky…

The Green Biscuit is for stickhandling and passing only! It’s too brittle to be tossing against a wall, or hitting the post. This doesn’t make it any less awesome though.

The Green Biscuit Pro is the original Biscuit on steroids! It comes with rubber bands wrapped around the two disks giving you the ultimate grip and feel (saucing ability too). The only drawback on this guy is that after some use, the bands do tend to pop out and that can lead to the puck falling apart a bit sooner than the original. Disclaimer: while this puck may not have the durability or the Original Green Biscuit, until it falls apart its feel is unmatchable (read: buy one anyways.)



Can’t resist the urge to shoot these things? We get it. Check out the Snipe. Did you want to rip some shots? The Green Biscuit Snipe is the puck for you. It’s made from a slightly softer material and is made to take the impacts. This puck may dent, but it certainly won’t break when you ring one off the pipe. The downside? Well, you can’t have everything–this puck, having the softer material won’t glide as smoothly as the original or the pro so we recommend picking up one of these with an Original green Biscuit or Pro.

That’s it. Get one for yourself, your mother, or your little squirt. You won’t regret it.


Saucing the Green Biscuit

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