CCM Ribcor

CCM Ribcor

Rumors have been flying around for the past several months about Reebok’s passing of the torch to CCM, and even the possibility of leaving the hockey industry entirely.  While these rumors still can’t exactly be confirmed, when we were told that this year’s Ribcor stick would be shedding its Reebok markings for a new CCM look, we weren’t exactly surprised.

The new CCM Ribcor 40K picks up right where its predecessor (the Reebok Ribcor) left off. The name of the game is still the same – to bring you a stick that’s easier to load and more efficient at generating power for your shot. The new, top of the line offering shares many of the same great technological advancements as its predecessor including:

RIB construction – The bread and butter of the line! Carbon fibers are molded in a way so that they are in constant tension. These pre-loaded fibers are what give the Ribcor its effortless loading and quick release.

Low-Mid kick point – Great pop on all shots and easy control for saucer passes

T Geometry – Concave walls with slightly rounded, square corners – Preferred by NHL players for control and accuracy.

High Modulus Carbon Fiber – The shaft is comprised of Carbon fibers that are strategically layered to make the top and bottom of the shaft stiffer than the side walls, resulting in a more consistent flex with little or no torsional twisting.

Tri Matrix Construction – High Modulus Carbon Fiber the orientation of which both stores and releases energy (45° fibers) and adds strength and stability (0° and 90° fibers)

The Ribcor quickly became the best-selling Reebok stick in recent years, and has been the weapon of choice for many NHL stars including Matt Duchene and Jonathan Tavares. So, how does CCM plan on improving the powerhouse that is Ribcor?

SXX2 Blade Design – Reebok’s SSX blade has been improved upon with the introduction of CCM’s new SXX2 blade.  Similar to its predecessor, the SXX2 is designed to go from stiff at the heel to extra-stiff at the toe. CCM took that idea a step further this year by tweaking the internal channels to now angle upwards at the toe. What this does is add extra reinforcement to the toe along with a new level of stiffness and rigidity, providing pin point accuracy and a blade that stays square to your target.

Technora Reinforced – Technora is the big story in this year’s Ribcor offering. Technora is a patented, synthetic fiber that has been trusted and used in the automotive and aerospace industries for years. The same material used in parachutes, body armor, and jet engines now reinforces the shaft of the new CCM Ribcor 40K, resulting in a new level of durability and ensuring the pop of the new 40K lasts game in and game out!

So, that’s it… The SXX2 blade, Technora Reinforced shaft, and the cosmetic facelift are the only differences you’ll find in the new Ribcor. While some may criticize how similar the new offering is to the original, here at Monkey we’re applauding the folks over at CCM. As I mentioned earlier, the future’s uncertain for Reebok Hockey and one of the first things that came to many minds was, “No more Ribcor?!?!” We’re glad to see that rather than viewing the Ribcor as competition to their RBZ and Tacks stick lines, CCM has welcome Ribcor with open arms. By doing so, CCM has created a triple-threat fit to take on Bauer’s three line family.

So, whether Reebok decides to stick around in hockey or not, one thing is for sure – the beloved Ribcor design is here to stay!



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