CCM Takeover – Fitlite Helmet

CCM Takeover – Fitlite Helmet

The concussion issue, and all the controversy that comes with it, seems to be here to stay. With new safety rating systems believed to be in the near future for hockey, manufactures are in a frenzy to create the safest, most concussion proof helmet possible.

While there’s still nothing set in stone, it’s apparent that Reebok is being put on the back burner while CCM is now the clear cut name of the future. CCM made waves a few months back with the release of the CCM Ribcor 40K; the long time Reebok flagship stick now bearing the CCM name.

The new FitLite helmet will mark the second time we’ve seen CCM take the wheel on an already established Reebok design. The new lid closely resembles the recent Reebok 11K. It appears to share the same shell and sub-shell design, though CCM does describe the FitLite as having an “improved fit” – still the similarities in both design and cosmetics are undeniable.

CCM’s Resistance helmet brought us the first helmet to incorporate “bladders” in an effort to protect against side impacts and rotational acceleration. CCM’s R.E.D. system makes is return to the new FitLite but with an overhaul. The bladders are now 3mm’s thicker, almost twice the thickness as those found on the Resistance. Bladder positioning has also been rethought on the new FitLite, with bladders strategically placed in high-impact areas to help slow down and reduce the effects of rotational acceleration.

There are many that consider the concussion proof helmet to be the unicorn of the sport industry. While we’re not there yet, to see how far head protection has come in just the past few years gives us great hope for the future. Let us know what you think of the upcoming FitLite helmet from CCM!



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