CCM JetSpeed Skate – It’s all about fit and CCM gets it!

CCM JetSpeed Skate – It’s all about fit and CCM gets it!

What do we always say? If there’s one sentence that can sum up all the advice we’ve ever given those looking to purchase new gear, it would be “It’s all about FIT!” Like the kid that swears his shot is garbage because he’s currently using a mid curve when he REALLY needs a mid/toe: all the while his stick is two feet too long for him! Splitting hairs over laces, runners, or even quarter packages makes zero sense if the boot doesn’t complement YOUR specific foot shape.

Last week, CCM released a first look at their new JetSpeed skate. While the new top of the line offering from CCM may seem familiar, aside from the color scheme and the holder, the Jetspeed has received a thorough overhaul. The design will offer a ton of new features, such as: a stiffer carbon composite outsole, double stitched tendon guard, an abrasion patch at the high ankle, and so on and so on, but that’s not what excites us about the JetSpeed…

Similar look, but the JetSpeed is a whole new beast!

The real story with the JetSpeed skates, and the reason we’re so excited about its release, is the FIT! The RBZ was a BIG boot in every aspect. Not only was the RBZ one of the widest boots we’ve seen in years, it also had a significantly deeper instep than most. On top of all this, if you ask most, they’d probably tell you that the sizing numbers of the RBZ weren’t what they were used to. Many players had to go a half or even a full size down from what they had worn in previous CCM/Reebok models. As you can see in the image below, the JetSpeed is a much more refined fit.

Look at that! It looks like one of those CrossFit before and after pics!

Built off a new pre-shaped laminated quarter, the JetSpeed provides superior stiffness and support with a more contoured fit. This contoured fit still does a great job of accommodating bigger/wider foot types, but eliminates some of the excess space that some may have experienced with the RBZ.  Keep in mind, any time you have excess space in a boot it’s a bad thing. It’s not “roomy” it’s just wrong! Any time your foot has room to move or shift inside a skate it means two things:

1. You’re losing power and energy.

2. You’re gonna get blisters.

Take our word for it, you don’t need either of those things…

CCM really left no stone upturned in the design of their new contoured fit. The pre-shaped laminated quarter also provides better wrap along the top of the skate. Even the toe box has been revamped, again all keeping with the more contoured, performance driven fit.

We’re confident that many will consider the fit of the CCM JetSpeed skate to be a huge improvement over previous models. If you have a higher-volume/wider foot, you owe it to yourself to try the JetSpeed on for size! Get down to your local MonkeySports Superstore and remember the skate that FITS YOU BEST will most likely be the skate that will provide you with the best performance.

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