CCM Speedburner Stick

CCM Speedburner Stick

Do you remember the Octogun series of sticks? Of course you don’t! How about the U+ Anatomy?!?! Bahahaaaaa! Not trying to trash talk, but man, I can remember a time (not so long ago) when CCM was borderline irrelevant in the stick world. Fast forward to today and CCM now boasts a three family stick arsenal currently contending for the number one spot in the stick market!

A first look at the new SpeedBurner

So how’d they do it? And in such a short amount of time? To be honest, if I knew how I’d probably be CEO of some fortune 500, not blog writer of Monkey, but I think I can pin point when things started to turn around – The release of the RBZ!

The original RBZ stick had many, first of its kind, innovations. A blade without any type of internal dampening foam for feel had not been seen since composites first hit the market. The result was THE hottest blade face we had seen at the time. Also, the RBZ’s custom kick-point was a refreshing new alternative to the low and mid-kick sticks of the time. The consistent flex profile allowed the RBZ to shine in any situation and was the first time we saw a stick adapt to a player’s style, not the other way around.

CCM didn’t try to reinvent the wheel here, and we’re glad they didn’t! Imagine if Ford had scrapped the Mustang in 68’. The New Speedburner is simply the newest model in the RBZ line with a few improvements that bring us one step closer to the perfect stick. The Speedburner will feature the same custom kick-point mentioned above, but we will see a new fuse point on the shaft with Power Hosel Technology. CCM has extended the length of the shaft to run directly into the blade (on previous models the blade was fitted and fused into the shaft). The result is more efficient load transfer from the shaft into the blade, added strength at the hosel for increased durability, and ultimately harder, faster shots.

An inside look at the SpeedBurner's Speed Pocket blade - A large, hollow pocket creates a "trampoline effect" within Speed Pocket blade, resulting in the hottest blade on the market!

When comparing the blade of the Speedburner to that of the previous Superfast you’ll find that they share many similarities – because they’re exactly the same! Is this a letdown? Not for us! While other companies continue to experiment with dampening materials to improve blade feel, CCM has taken a refreshing and totally different approach. The Speed Pocket contains a large, hollow pocket creates a “trampoline effect” within the blade, resulting in the hottest blade on the market, but everything has a trade off and the Speed Pocket blade is no different. Pucks FLY off the SpeedPocket blade! The down side? Pucks fly off the Speed Pocket blade! So, catching passes does take a little more effort.

The SpeedBurner, with its SpeedPocket blade, won’t be the most forgiving stick when catching passes. Think of the Speedburner and the Speedpocket blade as a finely tuned weapon for the elite player. I think Superfast stick users will agree when we say we hope CCM doesn’t change a thing about the Speed Pocket blade!

CCM has come a long way in just a few short years and the RBZ Speedburner just may be the most versatile stick on the market today. With a custom flex profile, new Power Hosel design, and extra hot Speed Pocket blade, the Speedburner is ready for any shot you may demand of it. Be on the lookout for the CCM SpeedBurner stick later this summer… Everyone’s got opinions, tell us yours below!

P.S. The P87A curve is being replaced with a new P29. The new curve is supposedly going to closer resemble a Sakic/P92 type curve.





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