A First Look at the Easton Stealth CX Stick

It’s hard to admit our faults sometimes. Be real with it! Some of us are guilty of being puckhogs, some are guilty of cherry picking; others are guilty of making sticks that explode when you take a slap shot after just a few weeks of use. It happens…

It’s no big deal. We all have our faults. That’s why we practice. We go back to the drawing board from time to time. The day we become content, that we stop working towards being better, that’s when we’re in trouble.

Easton’s not stupid. They know how brutally competitive the stick market is, and they know that others have gained marginal market shares at their expense. While Easton was once leaps and bounds beyond the competition, in recent years we have seen competitors close that gap and even exceeded Easton in some areas. (Cough cough, durability! Ahhh) Excuse me.


The CX is predominately black/carbon in color with flashes of metallic gold and white but Easton has three additional colors scheduled for later this year including metallic red, metallic blue, and chrome.


We know you’ve seen it – that shiny, new twig that many pros have picked up in this year’s playoff season. Well, let us be the first to say, it’s the goods! But an Easton stick with great performance and amazing feel is nothing new, so what is new? Well, Easton is confident this is the year those durability claims are laid to rest. Thanks, in part, to their new XTX Resin Matrix…

The proprietary XTX (Extra Tough Resin Matrix) is a reinforced epoxy material that boasts high impact strength and stretch properties that allows for great shaft responsiveness and performance – the perfect combination of power, toughness, and feel. Easton is confident that the CX is the most durable top of the line Stealth stick ever. What does that mean? It means a stick that feels like your old S17 but lasts like your old ST!


Isn’t that really what we all want, a stick with awesome feel and performance that will last a whole season? Well Easton, if the Stealth CX is that stick then I’m all in. I’ll buy them by the boat load and I might even get the Easton “Screamin’ E” logo tattooed somewhere on my body.



Easton’s elliptical hosel technology blew my young, hockey gear-obsessed mind when it first debuted in the classic S17. Some of my fondest memories of beer-league heroics are thanks to that stick and the new Easton Stealth CX will share the same taper, release, and feel.



Easton has always been on the cutting edge of stick technology. Essentially changing the way we shoot a few years back with their dual-lie story. Many players have since realized that by shooting off the toe of the blade, shots are releasing faster, with more velocity and accuracy. The new Stealth CX stick will take that idea a step further with the introduction of Easton’s new Exo-Rim™. Internal stiffeners have been used in blades for years, what Easton has done is taken that same material and enclosed the entire toe of the blade. The result is added strength and stability to “power through” the puck for improved velocity and accuracy. Our favorite part though, the Exo-Rim™ protects the inner core helping to prevent blade chipping and splitting. Is it just us, or does it always seems like once you get the smallest chip on the toe of your blade, it’s just a matter of time before the whole thing crumbles? Bottom line – we’re hoping this will be the most durable composite blade Easton has ever made.


Exo-Rim™ blade construction adds velocity through stability.

Lastly, Easton is backing their new release with a bold,60 day warranty! Purchase your Stealth CX stick before 7/19 and your purchase is automatically backed by Easton’s extended 60 day warranty. So if you’re looking for a stick with elite performance and feel that will last you through the summer and into the upcoming season, Easton has the technology with the warranty to back it up.


We can attest to the performance and amazing feel of the new CX but just how durable the new Stealth stick will be is going to take a few months to get a good reading. Only time will tell if the CX is the real deal or just the next in a line of high performing, delicate sticks.



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