CCM Ribcor Reckoner – First Look


CCM’s new Ribcor stick offering is now up for pre-order and we know you can’t wait to dig in to the nitty gritty. So we’re gonna get right into it! You’ll notice a lot of similarity to last year’s 40K with a few new features that CCM claims help make the Reckoner the best Ribcor model yet.  After all, the 40K was the goods, and we said as much in our last Ribcor blog entry, but you all about that new new, aren’t you? Yeah, we feel you. Let’s get into it…

We see many features make their return in the new Reckoner, including:

A Low Kick-point – Quick loading and release make the Reckoner dangerous in any scenario.

T Geometry – Concave walls with slightly rounded, square corners – Preferred by NHL players for control and accuracy.

High Modulus Carbon Fiber – The shaft is comprised of Carbon fibers that are strategically layered to make the top and bottom of the shaft stiffer than the side walls, resulting in a more consistent flex with little or no torsional twisting.

Tri-Matrix Construction – High Modulus Carbon Fiber the orientation of which both stores and releases energy (45° fibers) and adds strength and stability (0° and 90° fibers)

Technora Reinforced – Technora is a patented, synthetic fiber that has been trusted and used in the automotive and aerospace industries for years. The same material used in parachutes, body armor, and jet engines helps reinforce the shaft of the CCM Ribcor Reckoner, resulting in unmatched durability and ensuring that “pop” feel of your new Reckoner lasts shot after shot.


Added to the already proven features and tech mention above, CCM has re-engineered a few key features.

Pop Matrix – New pop matrix technology was designed to bring the unique Ribcor technology to the next level.  A redesign of the Ribcor Technology has resulted in even more performance out of the pre-loaded carbon fibers. Also, these high-performing fibers are protected by an outer layer composed of protective fibers for added durability and strength.

Ascent blade –The new Ascent blade is the first we’ve seen in some time to boast a SOFTER blade. Seems like every new blade design in recent years has told a story of stiffer, stiffer, stiffer. CCM went in a different direction this year – the Ascent blade features a softer, more natural feel at the heel but still has plenty of stiffness at the toe.  Not only is the new blade lighter, resulting in an overall more balanced feel, but the resigned has optimized the blade to provide the best possible puck feel while still providing deceptively quick shots.

The P29 – One of the few complaints of CCM twigs over the years has been the absence of a true P92, E3, whatever you want to call it. An open mid curve! While the Nugent-Hopkins was close, many considered it just different enough to still be able to complain endlessly. The new P29 Crosby solidifies CCM in the open, mid-curve market. We predict that the P29  is going to be an instant favorite.

Let us know what you think of the latest CCM Ribcor offering and don’t forgot, with the release of the new Ribcor Reckoner, last year’s Ribcor 40K stick will be going on sale any day now! You can find both models at or at any of our MonkeySports Superstores along with the best selection, best service, and guaranteed lowest prices in hockey!



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