MonkeySports Backs Little Bruins Learn to Play Hockey Event

The Little Bruins program was a huge success for the growth of hockey

Little Bruins Learn to Play HockeyIt’s safe to say that many, if not all, kids have a dream or goal that they want to pursue in life. Some will say they want to be a doctor, or a fireman, maybe even a professional athlete, and we hope that something or someone will help to push them in that direction. For the Boston Bruins, they hope to inspire many youngsters to play the game of hockey and they are more than happy to provide that little push. The goal is to grow the greatest game in the world at the youth level, and the Boston Bruins couldn’t be more proud to be spearheading this initiative.

Last week marked the start of the 2nd Annual Little Bruins Learn to Play Hockey Program. Base off the success from last year’s Little Bruins event, the Boston Bruins were excited to bring back their Learn to Play Hockey program to help aspiring youth hockey players develop their skills. Partnered with the Bruins to help the success of this program is Friendly’s, Mass Hockey, CCM and all of us here at MonkeySports. This Learn to Play Hockey event has been geared for brand new players, boys and girls, between the ages of 5-8.

The program has made it virtually effortless for kids to start playing hockey as head to toe CCM gear has been provided. Getting fitted was also not a problem as professionals, such as Bruin’s alumni Andrew Raycroft, were excited to size up each participant in a short time of about 20-40 minutes. What makes this even better is the heavily discounted rate this gear is offered for at only $100 ($360 retail value). All of the gear provided included a helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, pants, shin guards, equipment bag, hockey socks, hockey sticks, ice skates, and of course a little Bruins jersey.

Little Bruins CCM youth hockey gear

All the fittings were done at two of our MonkeySports Superstores in Norwood, Massachusetts and Derry, New Hampshire. Along with the sweet CCM setup, participants received four weeks of on-ice training from certified Massachusetts Hockey instructors. This program was hosted at 12 different rinks across the state of Massachusetts, with 50 participants from each rink. We are happy to report that each youth hockey program sold out, with an estimated 700+ new hockey players, 100+ of which were girls! Talk about a huge success when it comes to growing hockey in a single area.

New england girl with Little Bruins hockey gear
A very happy Little Bruin's participate rocks her new gear


We hope to be a part of many more Learn to Play Hockey events with not only the Bruins, but for more NHL teams in the future. With our new store in Greenwood Village, Colorado and a soon to be open superstore in Allen, Texas, the doors of opportunity are opened with potential Little Stars, and Little Aves events. Would you like to see a Learn to Skate program in your home town? Comment below and let us know!

Lastly, the returning organizations that made this event possible cannot go unnoticed and we would love to give a huge MonkeySports “Thank You!” to CCM Hockey, the Boston Bruins, Massachusetts Hockey, and Friendly’s. We look forward to many more events to come.



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