Holiday Gifts of the Week I

Well it’s that time of year again. What’s on your wish list this year? What’s on your loved ones wish list? If you can’t answer these questions don’t stress out or panic! At Hockey Monkey we’ve compiled a list that would make great gifts for anyone in your circle. Let’s start off with these six items:

The Green Biscuit Training Puck made for off-ice practicing in stick handling and passing. This is the perfect stocking stuffer for the player in your home these holidays.

Green Biscuit Training Pucks

This amazing training puck will help develop the passing skills that will blow your competition away! This puck slides well on pretty much any surface, from smooth garage floors and driveways, to that rocky asphalt you thought would be impossible to play on. The Biscuit weighs about an ounce less than a regular hockey puck but with the added friction from the concrete or asphalt it acts just like the real thing on ice.

If green just doesn’t do it for you either, Green Biscuit made it easy with plenty of graphic options for you to choose from. Get your son’s favorite NHL team or rep your family’s heritage with country options.

The Green Biscuit is made for anyone looking to develop their hands and passing whether it’s for your son, daughter, mom, dad, or coach.

The Sport Specific Hockey Slippers Sports Specific Youth Hockey Slippers is something that will be more age specific. These slippers come in youth sizing but will be perfect for your son or daughter in completing their hockey look this Christmas.

Give them something comfortable to walk around the house in during winter time, soft Sherpa fleece lines the inside for a snug and cozy fit. The non-skid sole is a huge plus when it comes to homes with tile or wooden floors, and if they get dirty, nothing to worry about there, these are completely machine washable which can stand up to repeated washings and still look awesome.

A&R Smart Phone Gloves A&R Smart Phone Glovesare a no brainer this winter. Let’s face it; whether it’s the kids, yourself, or mom and dad, we live in a society where we are constantly on our cell phones. Maybe you heard mom complaining about having cold hands at the rink. Well A&R has an easy and cheap solution to this problem with their Smartphone compatible gloves!

These knitted gloves are sure to keep you warm no matter where you are, and better yet, they feature latex rubber tips which enable interaction with the touch screen phones we use every day for work or play. They even come in four different colors to easily match your wardrobe for the day.

Don’t let your mom suffer at the rink anymore, for a very frugal price you could add a very useful and amazing stocking stuffer for the upcoming holidays.

Hat Trick BBQ Set

The Hat Trick 3-Piece BBQ Set Plain and simple, if you have a hockey family this is something you must have available in the kitchen drawers. Just imagine dad cooking up delicious meals on the grill with his new hockey stick BBQ set.

What makes these so cool are that all the handles are made from previously used composite hockey sticks. That’s right! Hockey stick handles! What’s even better is that you can choose which brand of hockey stick you want, so if your loved one is very particular in taste of hockey sticks or incredibly brand loyal, the Hat Trick BBQ set caters to those specifications.

So what’s included? Well there are two set options. Both sets include tongs that have a skate lace hanger for easy storage, and a spatula with a serrated edged side for cutting and tenderizing meat. The tools which will decide which BBQ set you go after are a barbecue fork or a grill brush. All of these tools are stainless steel, firm, and flexible with long handles to keep hands a safe distance from the heat.

Just make sure of one thing, if you do get your father one of these sets, don’t let him think he can slap shot or stick handle a burger patty on the grill!

The Warrior Pro Coaches Bag Do you have a coach in your life that is absolutely amazing and deserving of a special Christmas gift this year. Look no further. Warrior has provided the ultimate bag for carrying your coach’s necessities to tournaments, practices or games. The Warrior Coaches Bag just SCREAMS cool… with awesome graphics and a very heavy-duty design that was built to endure the abuses of the hockey rink!

The even better part is that it doesn’t just have to apply to just coaches; this is a bag that is practical for any hockey fan. This pro bag is identical to Warrior’s full sized pro equipment bag which means its lightweight, waterproof and made with indestructible Mercury 1000 Denier Polyvinyl. If you are looking to give your coach a must have gift this year, the Warrior pro bag is it!

Warrior Pro Coaches Bag

Reebok Edge NHL Hockey Jersey Let ‘em show their team spirit with a Reebok Edge Premier Hockey Jersey. Available in all teams, these replica jerseys make the perfect gift for all the hockey fans on your list…just think, you’ll never have to root your team to victory in a plain t-shirt again.

Reebok Edge Premier Hockey Jersey

These jerseys are legit, made from lightweight and moisture managing materials, each jersey resists moisture and provides increased range of motion, ventilation, durability, and most importantly comfort.

If you wanted to go even further and beyond expectations with a special gift to a loved one, get this baby fully customized with their name or a favorite players name. The MonkeySports production team can make any dream jersey a reality with full tackle twill name bars and numbers or you can go with a cost efficient heat pressed numbers. Either way, with a customized jersey, this is sure to be a top contender as a favorite holiday gift for your hockey fan!

For gear, apparrel, accessories and these great products, check out to bring Christmas and Holiday joy to your friends and family this year. Be sure to visit our Holiday Gift Buying Guide and check back for more holiday gift ideas and suggestions!



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