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Ever since True has entered the hockey industry under its own name, they have been somewhat of a quiet leader in hockey stick innovation with the release of its A-series and XCore stick lines.

Now…they are coming out with an updated A-Series line called A-Series SBP. The SB-and P meaning Strength-Balance-Power. This new lineup can be defined as the shooters stick, the type of stick that will allow you to blast one timers from the tops of the circles, shooting bombs from the points, even getting that quick shot off up close before the goalie can react.

Nick Bjugstad of the Florida Panthers reps the True A5.2 SBP stick
Nick Bjugstad of the Florida Panthers reps the True A5.2 SBP stick

Believe us when we say that this stick is AWESOME! but…have you heard of True? Do you know what makes their sticks so special?

With all the buzz that comes from so many other manufacturers it can be difficult to remember the different processes and special technologies that are put into the hockey sticks of smaller stick brands…but wait, is True really considered new and small?

Here’s a little history about True. True Temper Sports has been around for more than 100 years, and in that time they have become the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of golf shafts. Not only that, they have also expanded into the sports of lacrosse, baseball, paddle, cycling, and of course hockey. On the hockey side, True has done some pretty amazing things that can fly under the radar but very impressive none the less! Just take a look at some of these facts, they speak for themselves:

  • 2 MILLION+ hockey sticks sold
  • Since entering the hockey stick market in 2000, 4 Hart Trophies, 3 Rocket Richard -Trophies, 3 Art Ross Trophies, 3 Ted Lindsay Trophies and 1 Calder Trophy have been won using True Temper designed and manufactured sticks
  • True Temper designed and manufactured sticks have been used in every Stanley Cup final since our entry into the hockey market
  • 49 Patents and 4 patents pending across all divisions
  • 265 Trademark registrations
  • 40+ engineers across all divisions / locations


With all that said we are excited to see True back and better than ever with their new A-series SBP stick line. Yes! This new line continues to manufacture insanely high quality sticks at every price point. If you loved the your first True stick, there’s no doubt that you will love any stick in this new line because they will feature many of the same technologies applied in their previous models, but also have upgrades in the blade technology and durability with BRT or “Braided Rib Technology”.

The TRUE A6.0 SBP hockey stick

Let’s go through a run-down of True’s new premier high end stick, the A6.0 SBP hockey stick.


Braided Rib Technology or BRT – New to this 2016 model is going to be the patented BRT blade technology. BRT is the usage of seamless braided tubes located at both the center and bottom of the blade to produce the longest lasting and most consistent blade support that True has ever made. It’s up to 50% stronger than its predecessor which is the Active Bond II blade technology.


Axenic Technology -True utilized a high pressure clave molding process which they patented under the title “Axenic Technology.” The advantage of using this manufacturing process is that it produces a true one-piece hockey stick. This gives the shaft very consistent internal walls and shaft shape, a very low void content, pure uninterrupted flexural energy transfer and of course an amazing balance and feel.


SmartFlex Technology – Labeled as the complete package hockey stick, the A6.0 SBP also features Smartflex Technology; this is a low kick stiffness profile that results in maximum power from just about any shooting position with ANY type of shot. It works by making the top of the shaft softer to allow the player to add leverage on wrist shots and increased feel. This tech is also applied from the center of shaft to the blade with a stiffer tip section that allows for stability and accuracy in the slap shot motion.


The Rest of the Line-Up

Of course we’ve only spoken about True’s new top dog stick but that doesn’t take away from the fact that the rest of the line features some incredibly innovative tech at their respective price points.

The A5.2 SBP – A Pro’s pro stick, this stick is chosen by NHL and amateur players alike for its strength, balance, and power. Technologies featured include:


The A4.5 SBP – the ultimate team stick, just like the A4.5, the A4.5 SBP is known as the “category killer”. The technology found in this stick is comparable to some of True’s competitors high end sticks but is made available at a mid-range price point. This stick features:


The A2.2 SBP – the stick with the best value in the industry, again this stick features extremely high performing technologies which allow it to lead the marker in performance and durability in the sub $100 price category.


Lastly comes the A1.0 SBP – this stick is considered a market leader in performance and durability in the ENTRY level price category. All the way down to its lowest spec’d stick, True still includes its best technology at a price that is a complete steal!


Whether you are looking for a new hockey stick or not, we urge you to check out any of the new twigs True has to offer. These will be made available March 15 and can be found at one of our Monkey Sports Superstores or at SERIOUSLY! Go to the stores and test them out in the slap shot room for yourself…let the stick do all the talking.


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