TRUE Hockey Gloves featuring ZPalm Technology!

For weeks now, True has been teasing us with some social media posts of their latest product the A-Series SBP stick line making its release on March 15th. But in that time they have also been showing off a couple of their new gloves, gloves with an extremely unique property to them…gloves with interchangeable palms.

That’s right, we said INTERCHANGLEABLE PALMS! This innovation is called ZPalm Technology and it can be found in two of True’s highest quality gloves, the XC9 Pro and the A6.0 SBP Pro, both of which will be made available on April 15th.

But before we get into the exciting stuff, let’s get into the fits and protection of each glove. Not surprisingly, True made the XC9 and A6.0 relatively the same, the difference between the two is going to come in the fit profile for both.


A6.0 SBP Pro – Classic 4-Roll with a TRADITIONAL FIT – optimizes RANGE OF MOTION AND MOBILITY

XC9 ProANATOMICAL FIT – designed to take the shape of the hand to provide max CONTROL

***It’s important to note that Trues largest size is 14” which FEELS like a 15”, so if you normally wear a 15” glove…order a 14” from True and so on. If you aren’t comfortable with that we urge you to please try them on in one of our superstores for the best fit.




-The fingers and backhand are equipped with 24mm PRO grade EPP foam with 1mm PE (plastic) inserts

-TRUEFLEXX lock thumb gives players the ability to move the thumb forward but maintains fully protected from contact and also prevents hyper extension

-Finishing Touch True-Embroidery2

-Both gloves are composed of an ultra-lightweight nylon shell for breathability and flexibility

-On the cuff roll of the glove, the True logo comes with a great embroidered logo

-Both the XC9 and A6.0 feature ZPalm technology for customizable palm options




It is a patented system that allows players to effortlessly interchange the glove’s palms with a small zipper that runs along the edges of the fingers and sides of the palm. This not only allows you to switch out a worn and holey palm but also gives you the option to choose a palm that fits your playing style and necessities without having to look for an entirely new glove.


When you follow the steps above to remove the palm, the glove should look just like this:


Pretty interesting look at a palm-less glove! Also looks like it would be a great way to TRUEly air out your gloves efficiently. Even more interesting are the options provided for palm replacement. If for any reason you aren’t into the feel of the Z-STND palm that comes standard with both the XC9 and A6.0 SBP Pro gloves, True makes four other types of palms for easy customization and replacement.

Take a look at the variety:

ZPalm-StandardZ-STND: This is the palm True decided was the best of both worlds and best for all types of players when it comes to not only durability but also feel, which is exactly why it is the standard palm that will come with both the XC9 and A6.0 gloves.

Material: 1mm Pro grade microfiber with 0.6mm overlay





Z-GRIP: As stated in the name, this palm is all about providing extra grip. True utilized a strategically positioned grip overlay to provide superior grip and control of the shaft for puck handling and shooting, this overlay sits on top of an ultra-soft AX Suede base.

Material: 0.75mm AX Suede with 0.5mm grip overlay



ZPalm-PowerZ-POWER: Perfect palm for the players who always get holes in their gloves quickly, the Z-POWER is all about unmatched durability. Multiple layers of microfiber with a traditional style thickness overlay in high wear zones, including some finger tips, to extend the life of the palms while maintain acceptable levels of flexibility and overall comfort.

Material: 1mm microfiber with 1mm overlay + 0.6mm third overlay




Z-FIT: This palm was made to provide unmatched comfort. Using an ultra-soft Toray base and overlay material this palm will still have above average durability while maintaining flexible and give excellent feel.

Material: 0.6mm premium Toray with 0.6mm overlay





Z-PRO: Simply put…this is the #1 palm chosen by NHL and pro players worldwide. With no additional overlays, this thin pro grade microfiber puts the player’s hands in direct contact with the stick for ultimate feel…mic drop!

Material: 0.6mm single layer Pro grade microfiber



Glove palm customization virtually becomes limitless with the amount of options you can use with the coming of ZPalm Technology. Seriously…you can use a Z-Pro on your bottom hand for feel and a Z-Power on your top hand for the durability factor, such a killer combo.

Check out these new mits at one of our MonkeySports Superstores or at If you have any additional questions about ZPalm technology or the XC9/A6.0 gloves in general, please contact one of our customer service reps at 888.286.6169.


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