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What a whirl wind year TRUE has had! Their drive to make the best hockey sticks on the market is clear, and that hard work and dedication reflects in the surge of NHL players using both their X and A series sticks throughout the NHL. We’ve recently been seeing a lot of professional players shop around for new gear to help maximize their performance, and it comes as little surprise to see a significant amount of players jumping ship to TRUE’s latest and greatest…mostly in the sticks and gloves category.

With the all new 2017 XSERIES line and the XC9 ACF stick coming out this March 31st we wanted to break down everything there is to know about the new line, specifically the XC9 ACF and how it can help YOU take your game to the next level.

Rookie sensation Mitch Marner uses the all new 2017 XC9 ACF as his weapon of choice. Marner is 1st in overall points and assists for all NHL rookies and is only trailing three other players for the goal lead.


Like most brands, TRUE has focused on creating different sticks meant to cater for two types of players: the power shooter and the precision shooter. This 2017 X-Series ACF line will fall under that precision shooting type stick. For those who are curious the AC-and F means Accuracy, Control, and Feel. This new lineup (XC9, XC7, XC5 ACF) was designed to allow you to seek pinpoint accuracy while maximizing shot velocity, unmatched puck control, and of course, industry-leading puck feel. This all might sound a little familiar as it is stemmed from the Xcore 9 stick series from a few years ago. With that being said, let’s take a look at what makes the XC9 ACF tick!


Many of you might be asking, is this stick any different to the Xcore 9? And if so, how? Let’s put all this to rest right now! Lucky for us, TRUE strives to make their products innovative, high quality, and high performing, but most of all BETTER. Here’s what they’ve done to make the XC9 ACF one of the best sticks TRUE has ever produced.

  • IMPROVED SWING WEIGHT – TRUE has actually reduced the weight of their blade, which in turn shifts the balance point of the stick higher up on the shaft, providing this better swing weight. The higher up the balance point, the lighter the stick will actually feel in your hands. With this improved balance point and lighter blade, the stick’s natural resistance to being rotated has decreased; allowing players to achieve maximum power and speed while being more energy efficient with each shot.
  • OPTIMIZED STIFFNESS PROFILE – This basically means that the kick-point is more responsive. This was achieved by lowering the flex point just enough to sit below the player’s bottom hand allowing for easier loading while maintaining the same level of control as a mid-flex profile, and will help give harder and faster shots.
  • ENHANCED BLADE DURABILITY – The Xcore 9’s blade was mostly composed of the urethane XCORE insert and supportive foam. Now, the XC9 has received a ton more support with the addition of the modified Braided Rib Technology (BRT). In conjunction with the original XCORE insert, the new XSERIES ACF sticks have improved face bond for enhanced durability and consistency in play-ability throughout the life of the blade.


-XCORE – This technology made its first appearance in the XC9’s predecessor, the Xcore 9. It has made its way back into the lineup as one of the most key pieces of technology that make the XC9 as awesome as it is today! So what exactly is XCORE technology? It’s a compressible urethane insert found starting in the heel and extending just past the center of the stick blade. What it does is provides superior feel and unparalleled puck control. Not only that, it also creates up to 30% MORE spin when shooting, this is relevant because that added spin helps your shot have a clean and flat puck trajectory which in turn makes your accuracy and precision that much better. It works because of its absorption qualities; imagine you have the puck on the heel of your stick and you are ready to load up on a shot. Once you apply that force the puck is going to start rolling from your heel to your toe, as its moving towards the toe, the XCORE insert is slightly compressing giving the puck more time to be in contact with the blade. The combination of the compression and increased blade contact time produces that increased puck spin once the shot is released…and then BOOM! Goal light is on because you just potted one top corner. The XC9 ACF has this tech to thank for the “ACF” in its name, as this piece is the contributor to the sticks accuracy, control, and feel.

Modified Braided Rib Technology or BRT – First seen in TRUE’s A6.0 SBP stick last year, BRT technology makes an encore appearance in this year’s XC9 ACF model. BRT is the usage of seamless braided tubes located at both the center and bottom of the blade to create a dual bridge system that reduces cracks for optimal blade consistency. This has helped TRUE to produce their longest lasting and most consistent blade support to date. The tubes eliminate inconsistencies, increase the strength of the blade by 50% (when compared to TRUE’s Active Bond II blade) and help to maintain pop life. Now modified, this BRT tech will improve the face bond of the blade to provide enhanced durability and shooting consistency throughout the blade’s life over the original XCORE blade.

Axenic Technology -TRUE utilized a high-pressure clave molding process which they patented under the title “Axenic Technology.” The advantage of using this manufacturing process is that it produces a true one-piece hockey stick. This not only gives the shaft very consistent internal walls and shaft shape, but also puts the player’s hands in direct contact with the puck. When combined with XCORE blade technology the XC9 ACF produces a feel unlike anything else on the market.

SmartFlex Technology –The XC9 is a mid kick hockey stick with a bit of a twist thanks to SmartFlex Technology. This process optimizes the sticks stiffness profile which results in maximum power from just about any shooting position with ANY type of shot. It works by making the top of the shaft softer to allow the player to add leverage on wrist shots and increased feel. As you move down the stick towards the blade, the stick progressively becomes stiffer. No more wondering which type of shot is ideal for you…because ALL of them are!

SmartPly Technology – SmartPly is a process by which fiber angles, and the order of those angles, are optimized in up to 25 layers of unidirectional carbon fiber in a single shaft. Why is this important? The answer is that it created the perfect marriage between weight, balance, and industry-leading impact strength. In other words…the feel and performance are unparalleled.



An entirely new concept that TRUE has brought to the table is the new U-FLEX options for their XC9 ACF junior and intermediate sticks. The idea is that every player should be able to have the option to play with the correct flex and to maximize his/her on-ice performance. As most other brands only make a few options in flexes for this age group, TRUE has created a set of options to smooth out this difficult process for younger players. To support the varying weights and heights of youth players, they’ve created 4 different flex ratings in the junior category and 2 differing ratings for the intermediate category, ALL with corresponding stick lengths that increase in length as flex gets higher. The result is a set of flex option for all types of young players, helping them optimize puck handling and maximizing performance. Check out the table of weights, lengths and flexes below for each!


  • Weight:      Sr – 415 grams    Int – 395-405 grams     Jr – 320-325-330-335 grams
  • Length:      Sr – 60″                Int – 56″, 58″                 Jr – 48″, 50″, 52″, 54″
  • Flexes:      Sr – 75, 85           Int – 58, 68                    Jr – 20, 30, 40, 50
  • Double Concave Walls with Square Corners
  • Grip Finish: Matte Grip with Matte Blade


We’ve only really covered TRUE’s top tier model, the XC9 ACF, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that the rest of the XSERIES line features a lot of the same incredibly innovative tech at their respective price points.

The XC7 ACF is the perfect stick for any player seeking to improve shooting accuracy and puck control in a mid-range price category. This has insane quality and priced almost a hundred dollars cheaper than the XC9. The difference from XC9: SmartFlex is not incorporated, more fiberglass material incorporated.

  • Weight Sr – 455 grams
  • Length Sr – 60″
  • Flexes – 75, 85, 95, 105
  • Double Concave Walls with Square Corners
  • Grip Finish: Matte Grip with Matte Blade

The XC5 ACF is ideal for any player seeking the perfect twig for shooting accuracy, puck control, and durability without making a huge dent in the wallet. Simply put, the XC5 is durable, performance driven, and very affordable. The difference from XC7: Same great tech just a little more fiberglass content over carbon fiber. 

  • Weight Sr – 495 grams    Int – 475 grams     Jr – 395 grams
  • Length Sr – 60″                Int – 56″                 Jr – 50″
  • Flexes Sr – 75, 85           Int – 58                  Jr – 30
  • Double Concave Walls with Square Corners
  • Grip Finish: Matte Grip with Matte Blade

Whether you are looking for a new hockey stick or not, we urge you to check out any of the new twigs TRUE has to offer. These will all be made available March 31 and can be found at one of our Monkey Sports Superstores or at

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