In depth look: True UFLEX Junior Hockey Sticks

In depth look: True UFLEX Junior Hockey Sticks

Moving into the 2018-2019 season, True Hockey has officially put their name on the hockey market and are proud to say that they make 100% of their sticks in their own factory. With players like Mitch Marner of the Maple Leafs, Ryan Johansen of the Predators, Jakob Chychrun of the Coyotes, and more all using True Hockey products, it is evident that this company has established themselves as an elite hockey brand.

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True Hockey’s top of the line stick is the XC9 ACF Hockey Stick. The ACF stands for Accuracy, Control, and Feel. This stick caters towards players looking for ultimate precision in their shots while simultaneously maximizing shot velocity, puck control, and puck feel.

For True Hockey, innovation is important, which means they are always seeking ways to improve any aspect of their products. The new XC9 ACF Stick takes all the technology from the previous model and makes key improvements upon them.

For this iteration, True has improved the swing weight of the stick. This means the weight of the blade is reduced, which in turn shifts the balance point of the stick higher up on the shaft. With the balance point higher and the blade lighter, the stick’s natural rotation speed is increased, allowing players to achieve harder and more efficient shots.

True has also revamped their stiffness profile for the current XC9 ACF Stick. They altered the kick-point of the stick, moving it to just below the player’s bottom hand. This gives players even harder shots, but also keeps that true mid-kick point. Along with these upgrades, True has also improved the blade on the XC9 ACF Stick, giving it added durability and ensuring that new stick feel for longer.

As all parents know, shopping for a new stick for their rapidly growing youth son or daughter can get expensive. This leaves most kids to just “make do” with what they have for longer than they should. At those younger ages, kids quickly outgrow their sticks due to an increase in height and weight. And two of the most important traits in a stick is the flex and height, so not having one that is a proper fit can be critical to a young player’s on-ice performance. True Hockey looks to combat this issue by introducing a brand-new concept to their junior line of the XC9 ACF Stick known as their UFLEX stick sizing.

To support the quickly-changing weights and heights of youth players, True has created four different flex ratings for their junior line: 20 flex, 30 flex, 40 flex, and 50 flex. These increasing flexes take into consideration the player’s rapid growth in weight. The height of the sticks also increases to accommodate for the rapid height changes of the young skaters. The 20 flex model starts out at 48 inches, 30 flex at 50 inches, 40 flex at 52 inches, and the 50 flex at 54 inches. The result of this process is a stick for all youth players of fluctuating heights and weights to optimize their puck handling, passing, and shooting.

Having a properly sized stick, especially at any young age, is crucial for player development and ability. Rather than just dealing with what they already have, players can now easily choose their ideal stick flex and height, thanks to True Hockey’s UFLEX system. Check out the size chart and head over to to find your perfect match!


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